Introducing Tech Insights

Thanks for joining me!

I shall be sharing personal perspectives on cloud, data and analytics, and the use of technology in Government in line with IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines.

I have blogged extensively in recent years, as well as providing copy and interviews to trade press and national media.  Here are some of those articles and publications for your convenience.

IBM Insights on Business (generating insight sooner)

Many posts on IBM’s Big Data & Analytics Hub

Big data patterns and maturity model on IBM developerWorks

Big data is multi-disciplinary

Making data serve society (The IET)

Behind the scenes of IBM’s Wimbledon data bunker (The Guardian)

Cyber Security: Protecting the Public Sector and subsequent articles in SC Magazinecouncils must improve their digital security, building a risk aware cyber secure culture.

An author of the IBM Redbook: Implementing a service-oriented architecture using an enterprise service bus

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