Adopting hybrid cloud in Government

Governments are delivering significant improvements in quality of service as a result of digitalisation strategies.  Modernisation of infrastructure, automation of its provision and adoption of cloud computing is giving Governments the consistency and flexibility to meet citizens’ expectations.  Experience and satisfaction improve.

Governments have large and complex applications that have resulted from the accumulation of legislative changes and universal service provision.  Rarely do Governments have the opportunity for greenfield development.  So, Governments have been embarking on their journey to cloud by taking a hybrid cloud approach allowing them to significantly improve service delivery.

IBM has had a sustained relationship with the Government in the Region of Catalonia (Spain) for more than ten years.  It has been implementing a hybrid cloud architecture that spans on premises infrastructure and public clouds, migrating applications and other workloads to cloud services.  IT operations been modernised and there is greater resilience with this digital transformation.  Use artificial intelligence (AI) is now more accessible.

For example, IBM is building and managing a data centre as part of the overall cloud architecture.  Modernisation of operations and improved resilience bring benefits in maintenance services in justice, home affairs and health.  There, the Government is enhancing the industrial fabric of the IT sector, a key sector for the country’s economy and a driver for creation and employment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only added impetus to digitisation, both in Governments and the commercial sectors.  For example, IBM has a similarly long-standing relationship with CaixaBank in Spain.  It is adopting Red Hat OpenShift and AI to roll out new digital offerings to deliver enhanced customer experiences.  CaixaBank serves more than 6.5 million digital clients.  Applications and other workloads will be managed across its overall cloud infrastructure using IBM Cloud Pak for Applications.

Such success in adopting cloud computing is only achieved with a corresponding renewal of working practices.  New skills need to be developed to retrain IT operations management and culture changes driven by measures of quality and advocacy in addition to traditional performance.

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