Improving customer satisfaction with cloud migration

Government IT departments are facing pressure to lower costs whilst improving quality of service and accelerating time to market.  Citizens’ expectations of Government services are being driven by commercial Internet companies.  These are necessitating Governments to look beyond adoption of cloud technologies for innovation to wholesale modernisation.

Many Government IT departments are struggling to make this transformation.  They are held back by the burden of sustaining today’s systems, skills and a viable approach to modernising core business workflows.  Practices are too manual – slow and inconsistent – and this contributes to customer dissatisfaction.

Government departments typically run their business applications in a multitude of data centres.  The business case for rationalisation and migration as a step on the journey to cloud can be strong.  However, applications simply continue running for business owners whilst the value often accrues to other stakeholders.  This presents a challenge in gaining the support necessary to proceed.  Linking new infrastructure, automation and modernised working practices to quantifiable improvements in service quality, security, capacity, speed and flexibility can help.

IBM migrated 100 business-critical applications including payments systems and 1,500 servers for one large European Government department to new data centres and helped transform the department’s culture, its processes and performance.  All business and technical teams were aligned to a single vision of delivering ‘Zero Production Outages’ by adopting a culture of end-to-end service focus.

The business saw major stability and performance benefits becoming leading advocates for the programme.  Over six months, teams have spent more than one million more hours serving citizens, and stakeholder confidence levels have risen enabling six times as many new digital changes to be introduced with the lowest failure rate in a year.

IBM enabled the Government department to transform.  Through automation and new IT operations processes and practices, lost productivity in IT was dramatically reduced enabling civil servant colleagues to focus more time in delivering front-line services.

Find out more about how IBM can help you move to cloud.

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