Imperatives for hybrid cloud

Accelerating digital transformation has risen as a priority this year as Governments seek to lay the groundwork for the post-COVID world.  Two dominant technology forces behind it are hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) because technology platforms determine how well you pivot, serve citizens, scale and respond to a crisis.  They facilitate innovation, speed and insight for response.

IBM’s new CEO, Arvind Krishna, has highlighted four inescapable and enduring realities: history, choice, physics and law.


Public sector processes are deeply integrated into government systems.  These systems include applications and messaging, transactions and data, security and operations.  Governments rarely start from scratch.  The role of hybrid cloud is to meet you where you are at and take you to where you are not.


Relying on one infrastructure locks you in, and in to one company’s innovation.  Choice offers governments the freedom to host your own software and move it where you need it.  The UK Government has guidance on managing technical lock in in the cloud.  Moreover, IBM has extended choice for Government departments in its recent agreement for IBM Public Cloud with the Crown Commercial Service.


Low latency demands proximity.  For example, process and analyse data close to where it is generated.  Handling larger data volumes is a secondary consideration particularly in low bandwidth environments.  Extending cloud to the edge offers governments advantage in Internet of Things, tactical operations, cyber security and more.


Where you are physically matters for regulatary obligation.  For example, GDPR and data sovereignty.  IBM’s Financial Services ready public cloud is one example of meeting the security, governance, data protection demanded by many regulatory bodies, helping SaaS and independent software vendors demonstrate compliance.  IBM also provides the reliability and continuous security that government demands for mission critical workloads.  IBM has the only Linux platform in the cloud that meets EAL5+ and FIPS 140-2 Level 4.  Our clients can “Keep Your Own Key” so that technology prevents administrator access rather than relying on controls, protecting your data.  Moreover, with IBM, your data is yours.

These four imperatives are driving the adoption of hybrid cloud in Government.  IBM has joined forces with Red Hat offering Governments the unique ability to build mission critical applications once and run them anywhere.  This combination drives down technical debt and accelerates innovation to meet citizens’ expectations.

Not all clouds are equal; IBM’s is the most open and the most secure.

Find out more about IBM Cloud at:


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