Fix IT incidents 50% faster with AI

Modernisation of infrastructure and applications has seen many CIOs and IT leaders struggling to cope.  They are wrestling with how to balance stability with innovation whilst navigating challenges of increasing complexity.  Some organisations report facing over 2,000 IT incidents each month.  It is a measure of the proliferation of disparate and inconsistent tools overwhelming IT operations reliant of 10% of staff who have 90% of the critical expertise.

Cloud computing offers huge advantages to Governments in flexibility, automation, speed of delivering IT infrastructure and application services, and improved IT service quality.  Done properly, it brings greater financial predictability and control.  But this requires a sound and coherent approach to management across on premises and public cloud environments.

  • Unified Visibility – See all of your infrastructure and applications regardless of where they are running from a single pane of glass.
  • Infrastructure Automation – Improve operational efficiency by leveraging infrastructure as code practices to define, deploy, configure, decommission infrastructure.
  • Consistent Governance – Avoid potentially catastrophic security breaches with a declarative policy model that ensures that your infrastructure is compliant no matter where it is running.
  • Application Centric Management – A consistent application model across the entire hybrid infrastructure, Deploy and Move applications across clouds and Optimize performance with end to end visibility. Ensure your clients are getting the application experience they deserve.
  • Cost Management – Drive financial optimization with visibility into where your cloud spend is going, and how much different parts of your business are spending.

Three key elements enable these fives use cases.  Firstly, IT monitoring and service desk.  Secondly, analysis and collaboration tooling and practices, eg ChatOps.  Thirdly, the adoption of automation to detect, decide and act across the technology estate.

This automation has been the focus of IBM’s latest application of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  By adopting explainable AI in IT operations, IBM has developed Watson AIOps.  It works by integrating IT event analysis with unstructured content including logs and tickets to offer deeper insights and analysis to guide staff in better decision making and action.  It harnesses IBM’s leadership in AI across all fields.  For example, IBM patented over 1,800 inventions in AI last year.  The impact of such innovation is that organisations report fixing incidents up to 50% faster with AIOps.

Find out more about how Watson AIOps can help IT operations can improve identification and remediation of issues in hybrid cloud at:


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